"Liz Taylor" the Red Barn Theater's Mascot
Theatrical Performances ~ Musical Performances
~ Piano and Strings Lessons ~

Musical Revues:
All with lively song, dance, sing-a-longs and jokes with piano and fiddle with the Barnstorm Players and the Children's Drama Group
--May 23, 7pm: Spring has Sprung!

All performances are $5 per person

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We Need More Actors for
"Action at the Okie Dokie Corral"
A rootin' tootin' comedy musical!
Need ages 14 thru adult for many comic singing and speaking parts.
Be ready with a list of schedule conflicts.
Performances to fit actors' schedules.

QUESTIONS?: Call Rosemary at 520 622-6973, or 686-4798.

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Piano Lessons from Rosemary
$15 for a 30 minute lesson. Call 520 622-6973.
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- the classic opera by Leo Delibes,
shortened and simplified.
In this touching love story a British officer is enchanted by a beautiful Hindi young maiden but their union is torn apart by their opposing cultures, and the oppression of British colonization.


If you have an act: music, theater, magic, comedy - rent the stage affordably,
or share the ticket money - Contact Rosemary at 520 622-6973.
The Red Barn has a raised stage with a proscenium curtain and changeable rear curtains and flats.
There is an additional large building for storage and rehearsals.

--Kansas set for the Wizard of Oz - Munchkinland was ready behind the curtain, March 2014.
This show had a cast of 22, and lots of set pieces.

Below, you can see the black curtain that formed the rear curtain creating a backstage area for actors to await their entrance and pick up props.

The Red Barn has an additional large building for storing props, costumes, flats and for rehearsals.

--The Red Barn Theater Company's Roaring 20's show, May 2014.
Seats 49, cozy, no microphones needed! Piano and steps are moveable.

--Sci-Fi Theater took turns onstage with Roaring 20's by pulling rear black curtain across to cover the set.



EVERY 1st Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Jam Session: All types of music, instruments and all ages! Donations accepted.

EVERY 3rd Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Rosemary in Concert: Classical and Pops. Fiddle, piano, vocals, jokes and yodeling. Donations accepted.

EVERY 4th Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Musical Revue: Chorus and Children's Drama Group: song, sing-a-longs, dance and jokes. $5.

- - Please pay in cash or check or Order Online.


Wartsalot! - The Frog Prince and the Princess Brats
Elfin Antics in Santa's Workshop


Thank you, Polynesian Paradise Dancers!

       Your Oct. 13 show: "Postcards From Paradise" was Great!

--Above: Red Barn's Rosemary Snow poses with the Polynesian Dancers


All Contributions are Appreciated!




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