"Liz Taylor" the Red Barn Theater's Mascot
Theatrical Performances ~ Musical Performances
~ Piano and Strings Lessons ~

Musical Revues:
All with lively song, dance, sing-a-longs and jokes with piano and fiddle with the Barnstorm Players and the Children's Drama Group
--April 25, 2pm: Spring Has Sprung!

--May 2, 2pm: Music! Music! Music! with Rosemary, Chris, Ken Raush, and the Children's Drama Group

--May 16, 2pm: Octave Away!

All performances are $5 per person

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A few parts still open in
"Action at the Okie Dokie Corral"
A rootin' tootin' comedy musical!
Need ages 15 thru adult for many comic singing and speaking parts.
Be ready with a list of schedule conflicts.
Performances to fit actors' schedules.

QUESTIONS?: Call Rosemary at 520 622-6973, or 686-4798.

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Monday, May 1, 2 & 8 at 7pm, and May 9 at 2pm
"Kiss the Blarney Stone"
When a cranky curmudgeon decides disproving the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a win-win situation, he must endure impish underground elves, carnivorous trees and beautiful Irish music before finding true treasure.
Full of your favorite Irish songs ("When Irish Eyes are Smiling", "Oh, Danny Boy", "Mother MaCree") humor and impish adventure, under the rainbow and underground!

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Piano Lessons from Rosemary
$15 for a 30 minute lesson. Call 520 622-6973.
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- the classic opera by Leo Delibes,
shortened and simplified.
In this touching love story a British officer is enchanted by a beautiful Hindi young maiden but their union is torn apart by their opposing cultures, and the oppression of British colonization.


If you have an act: music, theater, magic, comedy - rent the stage affordably,
or share the ticket money - Contact Rosemary at 520 622-6973.
The Red Barn has a raised stage with a proscenium curtain and changeable rear curtains and flats.
There is an additional large building for storage and rehearsals.

--Kansas set for the Wizard of Oz - Munchkinland was ready behind the curtain, March 2014.
This show had a cast of 22, and lots of set pieces.

Below, you can see the black curtain that formed the rear curtain creating a backstage area for actors to await their entrance and pick up props.

The Red Barn has an additional large building for storing props, costumes, flats and for rehearsals.

--The Red Barn Theater Company's Roaring 20's show, May 2014.
Seats 49, cozy, no microphones needed! Piano and steps are moveable.

--Sci-Fi Theater took turns onstage with Roaring 20's by pulling rear black curtain across to cover the set.



EVERY 1st Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Jam Session: All types of music, instruments and all ages! Donations accepted.

EVERY 3rd Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Rosemary in Concert: Classical and Pops. Fiddle, piano, vocals, jokes and yodeling. Donations accepted.

EVERY 4th Saturday: 2-3:30pm - Musical Revue: Chorus and Children's Drama Group: song, sing-a-longs, dance and jokes. $5.

- - Please pay in cash or check or Order Online.


Wartsalot! - The Frog Prince and the Princess Brats
Elfin Antics in Santa's Workshop


Thank you, Polynesian Paradise Dancers!

       Your Oct. 13 show: "Postcards From Paradise" was Great!

--Above: Red Barn's Rosemary Snow poses with the Polynesian Dancers


All Contributions are Appreciated!




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